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As the world gets smaller, our Knuckle Boom Cranes get bigger. Coupled with skillful operators and versatile engineers, we ensure that your project needs are met without a hitch.

Urban Lifting

The Transporters

Why use manpower when you can use machine power? Use the on-board cranes to load your cargo onto the lorry and we will bring it to anywhere you want it to go.

The Lifters

The Lifters are the heavy-duty versions of the Transporters. Able to lift cargoes up to 40 tonnes, our Lifters expand the mobility of your cargo and increases the efficiency of your team.

The Reachers

As the name suggests, the Reachers are specifically designed to reach places where other cranes cannot. Perfect for urban applications where lifting is close to impossible.

The 4-Pronged Approach

At Hup Hin, the one we value most is you. Therefore, we have specially prepared a few packages guaranteed to make your life a whole lot easier, and your project a whole lot more profitable.

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