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Why plan the logistics yourself when you have us? By combining our expertise, experience and project management prowess, we are able to offer seamless execution of your projects while you sit back and watch.

Project Management

The 4-Pronged Approach

The 4-Pronged Approach is the base of our project management strategy. Through careful selection and training of our project specialists, we have built a great team for you. Find out how our 4-Pronged approach vastly improves your project's efficiency and boost your company's reputation today.

Jimah Power Plant

Coal power plants require significant cooling power and the new one at Jimah was no different. Our customer was tasked to construct, install and commission the cooling system for the power plant. The cooling is performed by drawing seawater, therefore requiring the fabrication of culverts on the shore. There were in excess of 300 culverts that needed to be delivered to the jetty. From the jetty, they are loaded onto barges and brought out to sea to be launched.

Due to its size and quantity, Hup Hin went against convention and suggested the application of Strand Jacks instead of cranes to load the culverts onto our modular trailers. This is to minimise the amount of time wasted in setting up and shifting traditional cranes. This method also reduces bottlenecks, enabling our customer to use minimal space for fabrication, therefore boosting their project's profitability.

Singapore Formula One Grand Prix

Every year, our customer is only given 2 months to transport, install and commission 7 temporary pedestrian overhead passes for the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix.

Hup Hin plans and executes the entire project to allow our customer to focus on other parts of the track setup. Since 2007, Hup Hin has never missed a beat and has always been ahead of time. This is testament to our commitment to your projects and your success.

Second Penang Bridge

The Second Penang Bridge in Malaysia is the longest bridge in South East Asia.

The project required an extensive number of equipment to construct. Hup Hin was tasked to transport pre-cast segments to the launching site using modular trailers.

As the modular trailers had to travel on an uncompleted bridge section, precise engineering calculations and repeated surveys took precedence. This project is a showcase of our project management capabilities outside Singapore.

NUS College Link

The NUS College Link was built to link the new development (University Town) to the main campus along Kent Ridge Road. This bridge spans across Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE).

According to the National University Of Singapore, the bridge’s mid span across AYE is the longest in Singapore (100m). We were hired to transport the segments from the fabrication yard to the launch site.

As the segments were above the maximum height limit permitted by the Land Transport Authority, we were required to be escorted by licensed outriders.

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