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Take it easy. Your problem will be handled by the most sophisticated equipment sourced from around the world, by engineers with decades of experience. Go worry about something else.

Heavy Haulage

The Platforms

This is our Genesis. The humble platform trailers serve your daily transport needs day in, day out. 50 years of unchanged design, 50 years of unchallenged reliability.


The Low-Beds

Now we're talking. The Low-Beds move the tall, the wide and the heavy.  Your headache no more.

The Modulars

The caterpillar of the machinery world. These bad boys move the incredible. Add more to add power. 

The Self-Propelled

While the Modulars move the incredible, the Self Propelled move the impossible. No Trucks, No Drivers, just business.

The 4-Pronged Approach

At Hup Hin, the one we value most is you. Therefore, we have specially prepared a few packages guaranteed to make your life a whole lot easier, and your project a whole lot more profitable.

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